The purpose for this course is to help students to be aware of the major issues raised in the careful study of the Old Testament in the modern world. In order to better understand the material in the Old Testament, it is important to know the historical background, context, time period being addressed, authorship, and issues that are considered. For many of these questions, there are different points of view suggested by different scholars. It is important to know why scholars differ and to be able to explain this for our lessons or Bible studies.

An introduction to the New Testament that examines major themes, broad divisions, key scriptures, major personalities, and the structure and context of each book. Literary and historical backgrounds are also examined.

This course stresses the importance of a proper spiritual foundation for life and ministry by providing an overview of Bible doctrines identified in Hebrews 6:1: Repentance, faith, baptism, laying of hands, resurrection, and eternal judgment.
From Moses to the Lord Jesus, to the Apostles, the Bible is a great text on leadership. Basic principles of leadership and practical insights will be covered from a biblical perspective.
This course will help students discover their calling and inspire them to place their God given gifts at the Lord's disposal. Principles of biblical vision and spiritual leadership are covered so as to help students become powerful servants of the Almighty.

This course aims at inspiring students; giving them the courage to pray for the impossible and helping them find the persistence to see their prayers to completion.

This course will challenge students to commit themselves to the fulfillment of the Great Commission to "go make disciples of all the nations”. A step-by-step guide to disciple making is proposed.

This course introduces the student to patterns and principles of Kingdom living applicable to life and ministry.

This course traces the history of the Bible and includes discussions of inspiration, the biblical canon, major manuscripts, textual criticism, early translations, and modern versions.