Masters of Christian Counseling

Course Description Credis
BITH 500 Understanding the Old Testament 
Chronological survey of the OT canon; attention given to content, authorship, and dates of individual OT books; relevant archaeological discoveries and historicity of events examined.
3 hrs
BITH 501 Understanding the New Testament
Historical background of the Intertestament period through the Apostolic era. Survey of the lives and ministries of Christ and of Paul. Contents and general character of the books of the NT.
3 hrs
BITH502 The Gospels/The Life of Christ 
A chronological and synthetic study of the Gospels’ accounts of Christ’s birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension.
3 hrs
BITH511 Romans
Study of the introduction, structure, and argument of Paul’s epistle to the Romans; translation and exegesis of selected portions; special attention given to Romans’ teaching on major topics as original sin, justification, sanctification, predestination, Israel and the church, civil authority, and Christian liberty.
3 hrs
BITH551 Biblical Interpretation
Introduction to the science of hermeneutics; the various literary forms in the Bible, use of OT in NT, typology, the various methods and tools of exegesis and exposition.
Alleged contradictions in Scripture and the resolutions of these putative contradictions proposed by orthodox, biblical interpreters; relevant interpretation techniques and their significance for the broader enterprise of biblical exegesis.
3 hrs
BITH571 Theology 1: Doctrine of the Word of God
Revelation, inspiration, inerrancy, and authority of the Word of God; covenants; methodology in biblical and systematic theology.
3 hrs
BITH572 Theology 2: Doctrine of God
The existence, knowability, attributes of God; God as Father, Son, and Spirit; Trinity; deity of Christ and of the Spirit; incarnation of Christ; the work of God, His decrees, creation, preservation, and providence.
3 hrs
BITH573 Theology 3: Doctrine of Man, Sin, and Salvation
Man as created (origin, nature, and state); his fall; sin and its effects; the redemptive work of Christ, application of work of Christ by the Holy Spirit in grace; predestination, election, calling, regeneration, repentance, faith, justification, adoption, union with Christ, sanctification, perseverance.
3 hrs
BITH574 Theology 4: Doctrine of the Church and Eschatology
Origin, nature, and purpose of the church; biblical covenants; the sacraments; church government; relation of the church to eschatology; the intermediate state, resurrection and judgment, the eternal state; premillennialism compared with amillennialism and postmillennialism; varieties of premillennialism.
3 hrs
BITH630 Church History to the Reformation 
In this course, students discover how the Church’s doctrine, faith, and practice developed from Pentecost to the time of the Protestant Reformation.
3 hrs
BITH631 Church History Since the Reformation 
In this course, students survey the development of the Christian church’s doctrine, faith, and practice from the Protestant Reformation to the present.
3 hrs
BITH632 The American Church
The birth of the European church in the new world; various groups and their leaders, and the rise of American cults; awakenings and New England theology, revivalism and the western frontier, the Civil War, the industrial revolution and social concerns; the World Wars, the modernist-fundamentalist controversy, the Sixties and the church in American government.
3 hrs
BITH700 Evangelism and Discipleship
A study in basic principles of personal evangelism; definition and biblical examples of evangelism; resources available for evangelism; memorization of key Scripture verses for evangelism; field experience in evangelism.
3 hrs
BITH701 Introduction to Biblical Preaching
Study in preparation and delivery of textual and topical sermons; preparation, research, organization, and content; classroom preaching and evaluation.
3 hrs


Course Description Credits
BITH690 Basic Christian Counseling
This course will provide the student with an overview of the “Big Eight” (types of secular counseling/therapeutic methods). In addition, the student will be taught the difference between Christian and secular counseling, goals, techniques, and several other important topics, such as the dangers and pitfalls of counseling. .
3 hrs
BITH691 Christian Psychology and Counseling
The student will receive general information regarding basic theories on historical systems of psychology, counseling, Biblical theories of counseling and the utilization of the NCCA counseling model: Temperament Therapy.
3 hrs
BITH692 Creation Therapy ** Authors: Richard G. Arno, Ph.D. & Phyllis J. Arno, Ph.D.
The course covers the development of the theory of five temperaments, the development of the Arno Profile System of temperament profiling, and practical application of the results of the profile. Successful completion of this course will provide you a “Certified Temperament Analyst” certificate from the Pastoral Counseling Center. You will be authorized to produce Clinical APS reports for others and discuss the results.
3 hrs
BITH693 Quality, Ethics, and Legal Issues in Christian Counseling
The purpose of this course is to provide the student with information regarding ethical issues in counseling. It will also provide them with a clear understanding of the importance of confidentiality. In addition, this course will provide information regarding referrals, helpful agencies and programs. Forms and record-keeping is discussed.