Biblical Hebrew 1 – SPR2021

This course facilitates the study of the Old Testament in the original language of Hebrew. This grammar course provides a full year of grammar study in which the student will learn the basics of Hebrew vocabulary, morphology, phonology, and grammar. Study of the original languages develops depth and solid exposition of the Bible in the context of Christian teaching and preaching.

Biblical Greek 1 – SPR2021

This course introduces the Greek language.  You will explore the usage of Greek in the New Testament Gospel. You will the Greek alphabet., a glossary of words, and Grammer in John. It includes resources for working with Greek Texts and aspects of translation and exegesis.

DYI Grant Writing SPR2021

This course will be instructor-led via Zoom for 6 weeks. Following a discussion on the basic components of proposals and other strategies, you will have the opportunity to apply your understanding of the concepts through weekly assignments. You will experience the world of a federal, state, and local grant reviewer by reviewing a mock proposal in the last class.